Here’s what you must know about Italian artisan food!

Like many others, you are probably wondering – what’s the fuss about artisan food? To be honest, there is no specific definition of artisan food. It’s more of a concept. Artisan food usually consists of recipes that have been passed on from one generation to another and is usually produced by family-owned businesses and artisan chefs, who are also deeply interested in preserving their culture.

Exploring and preparing Italian Specialty Foods

Italy has been long known for its food, but if you can only think of Italian foods with relation to pizza and pasta, it’s time to explore more options. In recent years, the demand for Italian Specialty Foods has only increased, and many young and budding entrepreneurs are doing their best to get things out to the world. The beauty of artisan foods lies in its preparation methods and ingredients. You need to get access to gourmet, naturally produced and often organically-grown Italian ingredients to make these recipes. Many companies and artisan chefs have shared recipes, along with places from where you can buy the required ingredients.

What are the common ingredients?

Italian food is as varied and unique as you can imagine. Generally, artisan food from Italy consists of handpicked ingredients, which have been produced and preserved in a certain way. Now, depending on the recipe you have at hand, you may need one or more of the artisan ingredients. Typically, Italian artisan foods use things like taralli, olive oils, vinegar, special artisan spices and sea salts, homemade mixes and spreads, dried fruits, and nuts. Also, the food items largely vary by region. Artisan foods from Sicily will be very different than that of Naples, Puglia or Tuscany. Think of some of the exotic items, such as Sicilian Pistachio Brittle, Dry Chestnuts, Italian Ground Coffee from Naples or even Handmade Almond Biscotti.

The good thing is you can buy these products online. If an item is not available with the known artisan food sites, you can request the same, and they will source it locally, no matter which part of Italy it comes from. Artisan food is great in terms of taste and usually helps in keeping the culture alive. If you haven’t tried a recipe or making one of the dishes, it is time to take a shot – You will love the effort that goes into each of these recipes – and the final taste is even better!

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